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Temple University

Professor / Director of Logan Center For Urban Investigative Reporting


NYU, Reporting the Nation
and New York in Multimedia

Professor / Graduate Concentration Director

NYU Journalism
Award Winning Publication

Founder, Publisher and Editor


I believe empathy and support is crucial for our students. I am the type of professor that tries as much as possible to teach to the individual, to meet them where they are and help them grow.  Your first time reporting, on the streets, trying to get people to talk to you is a huge stumbling block for many budding journalists. I give all my students my cell phone and let them know that if they are out reporting and get scared or confused to call or text me. If they are writing or producing and feel lost, to call me. I am always available to them.


I believe that the medium you practice is interchangeable and all journalists should have the skills to at least dabble in them all even if they have a specialty in one. I have modeled that behaviors in my career, having been both a newspaper reporter, a documentary producer and a podcaster. To me, what does matter is that your report every story deeply and fearlessly.


I believe when students have an outlet for publishing, it makes them more ambitious and work harder because the goal becomes more that a grade, it means an assignment is launched into the world and becomes part of a broader conversation.  I believe students need to think of journalism as a way to serve. Telling people’s stories, revealing injustice, seeking the truth is not a selfish act, it’s a job in service of the community.

NYU, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Journalism

Thomas Hengge



I have been a featured speaker and have participated in panels all over the country. I have spoken on Alzheimer's Disease, caregiving, race, Black veterans, women veterans, The Iraq War and multimedia education.  I was featured in The Moth, at the Apollo Theater in New York City and was in conversation with my favorite author, Julia Alvarez, at the Montclair Public Library.

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