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Alzheimer's in Color

NPR's Latino USA

Listen to the story of  my mom's journey with Alzheimer's Disease.

Sounds Like Hate

Sounds Like Hate is a podcast from the Southern Poverty Law Center that tells the stories of people and communities grappling with hate and searching for solutions. You will meet people who have been personally touched by hate, hear their voices and be immersed in the sounds of their world.

The Story of T


T has been in incarcerated more than 20 times, starting when she was just 12.   Growing up with an addicted mother and  losing her father who was a drug dealer, T's life seemed predetermined. But T turned her life around and is now a warrior in the fight for ending cash bail, a champion for incarcerated women, and leader in the fight for prison reform. The ACLU featured her story on their podcast.


Mouthful Podcast


Listen to the 10 episodes I hosted and produced of Season One of the Mouthful Podcast. In collaboration with Philly Young Playwrights each episode led with a monologue written by a teen and then we dug digger into the issues surrounding the monologue. I was named "Best of Philly" podcast host" for my work and the podcast received a host of positive reviews.



We Are Here

The 6221 address above is 6221 Osage Avenue, the home Philadelphia police dropped a bomb on killing 11 people. The story of the neighborhood's comeback is my latest documentary. I am a storyteller and work in multiple mediums. I have done several documentaries in Navajo Nation and currently am producing a piece on the revitalization of Osage Avenue and Pine Street. The only city neighborhood in the United States, bombed by the police.


Sacred Poison

Far too many Navajo have no running water, no electricity and no bathrooms. Thousands of Navajo people are living in substandard homes while their fate lies in the hands of the federal government, who’s currently pondering a bill that can dramatically cut aid to the impoverished nation.



The land the Navajo love is killing them

This 29 minute documentary offers a look at the deadly consequences of uranium mining on the Navajo and their efforts to keep history from repeating itself in light of a renewed interest in mining both coal and uranium on the reservation. Most of all, this is a story of empowerment.

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Books, Plays and exhibitions


We Were There: Voices of African Amercan Veterans from World War II to the War in Iraq


"The Greatest Generation meets Bloods in this revealing oral history of the unrecognized contributions of African American veterans. In a book that has sparked discussions in homes, schools, and churches across America, Latty, along with acclaimed photographer Ron Tarver, captures not only what was unique about the experiences of more than two dozen veterans but also why it is important for these stories to be recorded. Whether it's the story of a black medic on Omaha Beach or a nurse who ferried wounded soldiers by heli-copter to medical centers throughout Asia during the Vietnam War, We Were There is a must-have for every black home, military enthusiast, and American patriot."

We Were There, The Exhibition: National Consitution Center, Philadelphia, Pa.


The photos and excerpts from "We Were There" were featured in an exhibit at the National Constitution Center.


In Conflict: Iraq War Veterans Speak Out On Duty Loss and the Fight to Stay Alive

June, 2007

"In Conflict takes a rare look at the Iraqi War through the words of those who have fought it. The book features more than two dozen veterans from all military branches, from fighter pilots, nurses, medics, and foot soldiers to prison guards, POWs, and reservists, each accompanied by a compelling photograph. Together they comprise a group portrait of American men and women located all over the country and from all age, race, and socioeconomic groups -- men and women whose voices, surprisingly, are rarely heard in the din of discussion on this endlessly analyzed subject. They speak from veterans' hospitals, homes, army bases, and homeless shelters. While their viewpoints are as diverse as their backgrounds -- some supportive, some opposing, some simply confused -- "In Conflict captures one thing these eloquent commentators share: all have been irrevocably changed by their experience.

In Conflict: The Play

June 2008

There were two plays produced using In Conflict as the source material. "In Conflict" was produced with Temple University, played in the Edinborough Fringe Festival, was awarded a Fringe First Award and had an Off-Broadway run. "Voices In Conflict: was produced by Wilton High School in Connecticut and was featured in several Off Broadway-theaters, including the Public Theater.



I am an NYU journalism professor and run a multimedia graduate program, Reporting the Nation/NY in Multimedia. We travel around the country telling stories.


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I give talks and participated in panels all over the country. I was  featured in The Moth, at the Apollo Theater in New York City and was in conversation with my favorite author, Julia Alvarez at the Montclair Public Library.


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